Book the return ticket to go home with your *Valuables*+New memories.

Book the return ticket to go home with your *Valuables*+New memories.

Pickpocketing is a worldwide issue more common in crowded city streets which have a higher tourist attraction. This ur us essential for a traveler to be prepared , specially when visiting a crowded destination.

For that you need to know the scams of pickpocketers and the ways they operate .

Either - 

Individually or in teams

They can be -

Young or old

Male or female 

You will not be  spending your precious traveling time in a police station filling out forms to find your stolen belongings if you can spend a little time thinking about the safety of your valuables prior your trip , in the same way you spend time reading guidebooks and articles to find places to travel.  

You are a likely victim for pickpocketers when you’re 

Waiting to cross the road 

Waiting in line to order food 

Taking pictures 

Falling asleep in a public place ( bus station/train station/airport/food court etc)

Working on your laptop in a public place

Watching a street performer 

Similarly , there are numerous pickpocketing incidents recorded in cameras all around the world .

You will presumably end up being pickpocketed if you keep your valuable in a regular backpack which has outside , easily accessible outside pockets.

There are numerous antitheft backpacks designed and sold worldwide with hidden compartments ,body hugging lockable zippers ,  RFID blocking technology etc. which ensure the safety or your personal valuable belongings.

Pickpocketers are likely to act natural by blending into any place and any situation . In such occasions pickpockets can happen unseen to anyone.

In general anti theft backpacks have given solutions to this issue and have drastically reduced to probability of pickpocketing, as they posses many features to avoid uninvited access .